Transportation & Mobility

Industry leaders benefit from an integrated solution, providing a centralized ‘single source of the truth’ when syncing multi-site projects, development changes, product data, and requirements management.

  • Enable Multi-Disciplinary Global Collaboration


Benefit from a supplemental solution that will not interfere with existing legacy solutions for engineering and costing,
while orchestrating both people and data across your enterprise. Strengthen your competitive advantage by unifying
multi-disciplinary efforts in BOM management, document management, project management, and multi-CAD management, on one open, flexible, collaborative platform.


  • Control Cost, Quality, Timing, Margin of Program


With strategic Bid to Win solution tools, you’ll have the integrated Requirements Management and Proposal Adherence
capabilities to manage cost, quality, timing, and margin throughout the inevitable change process.


  • Optimize Product with Performance Validation


Integrated 3D simulation and analysis capabilities save time, and cost, and can ensure that your product/proposal will yield the optimal performance. Suppliers are enabled to perform structural, thermal, durability, and multiphysics analyses, in sync with OEM requirements.

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