Our Mission

For every business, for every project, Mecanica offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We are a large team of seasoned experts with experience in automotive, aerospace, AEC, and more. Let us accompany you throughout your product development cycles, from design to production, including prototyping and testing. Get your products to market faster and optimize your design and manufacturing processes for an even faster return on investment.

Our History & Our Values

If the SolidXperience Group had an origin story it would begin with Mecanica Solutions. 


As a Canadair employee CEO and Founder Alex Habrich designed a computer-based learning system which became the seed that eventually grew into the Mecanica our customers know and trust. 


Building off that initial drive to learn, innovate, and bring modern CAD to the engineers of the 1980s and 90s, Alex co-founded Lemire & Habrich consultants, later simply known as L&H, and took on two of its first big clients, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney. By 1985, the company was approached by IBM, a global distributor of Dassault Systèmes products at the time, and offered the opportunity to become an official CATIA CADAM valued added reseller. 


Fun fact, we have stood the test of time and are the longest-running Dassault Systèmes partner in NAM.  


In November of 2001, the assets of L&H were purchased, consolidated, and rebranded by Alex Habrich, under the name Mecanica Solutions to better reflect its capabilities as a one-stop shop CATIA CADAM, CAD training, and 3D design service provider.  


Since those humble beginnings, Mecanica has developed not only its portfolio of CAD solutions but also, to better guide our clients from design to project completion, has added 3D printing and scanning to its repertoire of skills and passions.  


In our 40 years of business we’ve developed strong, long-lasting business relationships and have worked on countless benchmark engineering projects worldwide, including the Day’s End Memorial in NYC, the Air Force Memorial spires in Arlington, VA, the sails of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, from projects with Hyundai in Korea to Ferrari in Italy, Google’s Waymo self-driving car, Tesla Motors, LYFT Level 5, and beyond. 


Every day we strive to grow and expand so all our customers can benefit from our expertise, products, and services to more easily and efficiently design and build a brighter future. Today, Mecanica offers Dassault Systèmes’ full portfolio of software, a wide and growing range of 3D printing technologies, and, in the spirit of our roots, continues to offer iconic design and manufacturing consulting services to clients around the world through CATIA and the revolutionary cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 

Pushing boundaries since 1982

To the SolidXperience, helping companies just like yours optimize workflows, innovate more efficiently, and grow exponentially is ingrained into our DNA. 

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